Welcome to the mushcode examples page. It's a place to show some of the things that can be done from within TeenyMUSH. Hopefully it may give you some ideas on what could be created. If it just spurs an idea, feel free to contact me with it.

     Explore the mush the mush by clicking on objects or exits. The code for this command is very simple "&look #209=$look *:@pemit #118=<pre>;look #". The MUSH's look command is smart enough to convert objects and exits into HTML links when viewed from a web browser. This leaves the coder to just let the user point and click.

     Current weather conditions as supplied by wttr.in but tweaked for a smaller screen. The code for this command connects to the remote web site and then processes the output as its displayed to the user. In this case, the user is the web browser. The mushcode can be found here.

     Play a game of connect four. I wrote this game over 20 years ago. Never would have thought you'd be able to play it via the web.

     See who is currently online. Another example of a very simple command. "&who #209=$who:@pemit #118=<pre>;WHO"

Myddrin's BBS
     A simple read only web interface to Myddrin's BBS version 5.0. The MUSH code repository can be found here. The mushcoded interface for the bbs is here.