The worlds first and only bot coded in only TeenyMUSH MushCODE.
  This bot provides valuable and extremely worthless information
  at your command. Just say one of the @verbs in the same room
  as MuBOT. This bot is a recently acquired, wholly-owned subsidiary
  of Adrick industries.

Verb                   Description
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
@adrick                Returns a random adrick
@advice                Random Advice
@answer                Provides a trivia question (see trivia)
@bible                 Random bible verse
@bitcoin               Current bitcoin value
@bored                 An activity to do when bored
@breaking              Random Breaking Bad Quote
@cat                   Provides random cat fats
@coffee        Pour a coffee for a person
@commands              Lists all MuBot commands
@dad                   A dad joke
@darwin                Provides a Darwin Award winner story
@define          Definition for 
@dexter                Random Dexter Quote
@disease       Gives diseases to a person
@dog                   Provides random dog fats
@drwho                 Random Doctor Who Quote
@evil                  A evil insult
@evil          Evil insult for a person
@excuse                Returns a random excuse
@fact                  Provides a random fact
@feed          Gives food to a person
@figlet          Responds in big text
@find          Searches all known MUSH/MUDs for 
@fortune               Get your own fortune cookie
@futurama              Random Futuramal Quote
@greet         A random greeting for 
@holy                  Random Holy Grail Quote
@insult                An insult in HHGTG Wowabagger format
@insult        Insult person in HHGTG Wowabagger format
@joke                  Tells a joke
@oleo                  Random Oleo
@pickup        Gives  a pickup line
@pour          Pours  a random drink
@programming           Random programming quote
@quote                 Random Quote
@rwho           Shows the WHO for 
@simpsons              Random Simpsons Quote
@starwars              Random Starwars Quote
@status                Number of connected players on all worlds
@time                  Current time where the bot runs
@trek                  StarTrek technobabble
@trivia                Random Trivia Question
@trivia         trivia question for topic 
@trump                 A Presidental Quote
@urban           Looks up  on urban dictionary
@weather          Provides the current weather for